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Savard, A., Dedic, H., Rosenfield, S. & Naffi, N. (2013, September). Developing Number Sense with a Digital Tool. Advancing Learning in Differentiation and Inclusion (ALDI) Symposium, September 25, 2013, Dorval. Québec, Canada.



Polotskaia, E. Gervais, C. & Savard, A. (2013, June). Make it clear! Hands-on problem solving in Cycle 1 and 2. STEM  Symposium 27 juin 2013, Laval, Québec, Canada.


Savard, A. & Ryan, P. (2007, November) Probability : Taking a chance. Workshop for the Quebec Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT), November 14. Montréal, Québec.


Savard, A. & Chernoff, E. (2007, June). Probabilities. Workshop presented at the Annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG). 8-12 June, Fredericton, Canada.


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