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Publications – Student reasoning

Refereed Publications

Savard, A. (2015). Making decisions about gambling: The influence of risk on children’s arguments. The Mathematics enthusiast, 12 (1,2&3), 226-245.



Polotskaia, E., Savard, A. & Freiman, V., (2015). Duality of mathematical thinking when making sense of simple word problems: Theoretical essay. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education. 11(2), 251-261.


Savard, A. & DeBlois, L. (2013).Enumerating all possible outcomes: An analysis of students’ work. Scientia in Educatione. Vol.4 (1), P. 49-62.



Book Chapters

Savard, A. (2014). Developing probabilistic thinking: What about people’s conceptions? In E. Chernoff & B. Sriraman (Eds). Probabilistic Thinking: Presenting Plural Perspectives. Vol. 2. (p 283-298). Berlin/Heidelberg,Springer.



Savard, A., Polototskaia, E., Freiman, V. & Gervais, C. (2013). Tasks to Promote Holistic Flexible Reasoning about Simple Additive Structures. In C. Margolinas, J. Ainley (Eds). Proceedings of ICMI Study 22 Task Design in Mathematics Education, (p.271-279). Oxford, UK. July 2013.


Maciejewski, W., Mgombelo, J. & Savard, A. (2012). Meaningful Procedural Knowledge in mathematics Learning. In P. Liljedahl, S. Oesterle & D. Allan. Proceedings of the 2011 Annual meeting of Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group / Groupe canadien d’étude en didactique des mathématiques. June 10-14. Saint-John, Newfoundland, Canada.


Polotskiai, E., Savard, A. & Freiman, V. (2011). A “fairy” tale to represent a holistic approach to additive word problem solving. . In J. Novotna & H. Moraova, Ed. International Symposium Elementary Mathematics Teaching. Prague, Czech Republic, August 21-26. pp. 275-282.


Savard, A. (2010). Simulating the risk without gambling: Can student conceptions generate critical thinking about probability? In Chris Reading, ed. International Conference on Teaching Statistic (ICOTS 8), July 5-9, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Cd-Rom.

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